Sierra Valley Barn Quilts

Griffin Barn Swiss Flag Barn Quilt:

Location: 61701 Hwy 49, Loyalton

Owned by Richard & Randy Griffin. Post and Beam Barn built in 1875.  Previous owners Mr. Parker, John Caccini, Leon Dotta son of Caesare Dotta who came to the Valley in 1882.   Wood with metal roof.  Gable end.




Sierra Valley Grange Wheat Barn Quilt:

Location: 92202 Hwy. 70, Vinton

Built in 1933.  Cement Board siding, wood frame.  Built by volunteer labor.  The wheat design is symbolic of the Grange and is found on their seal.



Church Barn Folded Flag:

 Location: 127 Westside Rd., Co. Rd. A23, Sattley

Owned by Rob Church. This barn has been in the Church Family since 1895.  Original owner Isaac Church.   Hand hewn timbers, wooden pegs, and the foundation is cedar blocks on rocks.  Originally a milk barn.  Built by Isaac Church.




Genasci Barn - Snowflake Barn Quilt:

 Location: 56707 Hwy. 49, Loyalton

Owner Jim and Mary Genasci.  The original part of this early barn is pole construction.  It has a hewn stone foundation.  An extension of 32 feet was added in 1937 by Harry Newman, Grandson of David Derr Newman.  Lumber from the Calpine Sawmill and plant which was being dismantled was used.  History: Hiram Robbins homesteaded this land.  Issac Weston and W. Spencer owned the ranch for three years in the mid 1860’s.  John Genasci purchased in 1909 and it is now in the Genasci family.   Used for hay and milk barn.  The Ranch consists of native and improved pasture and hayfields.  It is utilized for grazing cow-calf pairs and heifers and for hay production.  Today cow-calf pairs graze on the Ranch during the spring and summer.  Each year, Jim saves approximately 30-40 head of replacement heifers to breed.  As the 30-40 head go into the heard each year, the landowners cull 30-40 cows.  Alfalfa-grass hay is also harvested.  Stock rates and hay production vary from year to year.


 Romano Ranch & Sierra Valley Farms - Flying Geese Barn Quilt:

Location: 1329 Co. Rd. A23. Beckwourth

Owner Gary Romano.  Built by Emilio Folchi & Folchi Brothers for Dr. Dekker.  Was bought by Gary Romano’s grandfather Jacqumo Folchi in 1936.  Wood from the Calpine Lumber Mill was used.  Hand hewn pole post and beam with manger.  Was originally a feed barn.  Used to day for farm-to-fork barn dinners featuring locally raised produce and meats for our 5 star barn dinner summer.


Lost Marbles Ranch - Sandhill Crane Barn Quilt:

 Location: 2985 Marble Hot Springs Rd., Beckwourth

Owner Richard and Christine Spencer purchased in 2004.  Original owner Chuck and Velma Howes/Scolari Ranch.  Hay storage/dairy in 1940’s.   Cedar posts/logs – hand hewn girders.  Gable roof.  Pole barn.  Scolari Ranch started around 1868.  Still to be completed.



Devine Barn- Sierra Star Barn Quilt:

 Location: 2185 Hwy 89, Calpine

Owner Joleen Torri acquired as sole owner in 2000.  Original owner Knuthson in Carmen Valley.  Sam Devine 1924 moved it to present location using block and tackles and horse power.  No hydraulic lifts in those days.  Hand-hewn beams, mortise and tenon joints.  Covered on outside with corrugated tin.  Alfred P. Chapman for whom Chapman Saddle was named, resided on this ramch in 1862.  Same Devine bought the ranch in early 1900’s.


Goodwin Barn - Swiss Flag Barn Quilt:

 Location: 85190 Hwy. 70, Beckwourth

Owned by the Goodwin Family.  Acquired in 1986.  Original owned by Edes.  Cattle Ranch.  Wood with metal roof post and bean construction.  Abe and Maryjane Edes came by ox drawn covered wagon about 1850’s. built a home and raised the barn.  Whe Jim Beckwourth returned he clained it was his land and they owed him for it.  Maryjane ran him off with a shot gun.  Also at one time was a stage stop.

The Grainery  "Autumn Flower"  Loyalton:

 Location 59901 Hwy 49, Loyalton.

Owner Elia and Bruce Miles.  Acquired in 1950.  Feed barn.  Lumber post & beam construction.  Frame from a mining camp in Chilcoot moved to the site in 1950 by Elis and Bruce.  The function was originally used as a barn but then changed to be a grainery.  Stored wheat, barley and Sierra Oats from U.C. Davis under the direction of farm advisor for the ranch.  Sierra Oats must be planted on virgin ground and the thrashing machine was cleaned with a toothbrush to maintain the purity of the oats.  Autumn Flower design.


 Hollitz-Amodei-Davis Barn “Blazing Star”

Location: 611 W. Willow, Sierraville.

Owner Bonnie Hollitz. Was originally a dairy barn.  Bought by the Hollitzes in 1997.  Hand-hewn timbers, wooden pegs and mortise and tenon joints.  Owned by Aaron Davis who purchased it in 1867.  He raised wheat, plums and gooseberries!  His son owned and operated the ranch for a number of years and then it went to his sister Emma Davis Nichols.  Emma was the wife of H.O. Nichols who had the Nichols Sawmill and for whom Nichol Canyon and Nichols Canyon Creek were named.  John Amodei bought the ranch in 1924.


Roberti Barn


Location:7411 Dyson Lane

Owned by the Roberti Family, Pole Barn. Built in 1999. The poles of the structure were nearly 100 ft. long when they were purchased.  Before transported to Sierra Valley, the poles were cut in half and then trucked to the ranch from Skaggs Island (the home of a former United States Navy installation located between Novato and Vallejo). When the poles arrived in Sierra Valley, they were used to build two barns on Roberti Ranch, one of which is the pole barn located on Dyson Lane.

The trusses used to build the pole barn were recycled from a shopping mall in South Lake Tahoe.  Built for a heavy snow-load, the trusses were ideal for Sierra Valley and soon after they arrived they were given new life on the ranch.

The pole barn was erected in the fall of 1999.  Contractor Kerry Sloan supervised the construction and his crew included, Jim and Dave Roberti, and Doug Morris, a former Roberti Ranch employee.

The barn’s primary purpose is hay storage; its storage capacity is 1,100 tons of hay.  The barn also accommodates barn owls, a pair of Canada Geese that nest in it every year, and other wildlife. The structure is a popular stop for birding tours in Sierra Valley.

The family is pleased to display the Roberti Ranch brand in the center of our barn quilt. Our hot-iron brand is a legal identifying mark registered with the state of California since 1941. The brand is placed on the right hip of our cattle to help identify and show ownership.














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Sierra Valley Barn Quilts