2016 Participants


Betty Thatcher

Betty Thatcher has been painting and selling her free-form, country-life inspired watercolors for the last seven years. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of styles and techniques in her paintings of animals, whimsical insects, old rusty trucks, and country buildings.

Anna Harvey

Harvey Farms & Forestry is a fifth-generation sheep operation, producing a wide variety of products from their flocks. The wool produced by the ranch is all-natural, with no harsh chemicals used to process the fiber.


Brad Greenwood

Greenwood Designs Brad Greenwood furniture, wood sculpting and mechanical creations embody the design perception, hand-craftsmanship and time-honored woodworking techniques inherited from Old World craftsmen.


Casey Clark

Casey Clark’s pots are wheel-thrown, constructed from slabs of clay, or a combination of both. He uses homemade tools to create textures and patterns on the work, and fires in a wood-burning kiln to achieve interesting and varied surfaces.



Dennis Black

For the Sierra Valley Art + Ag Trail event, Dennis Black will be setting up an outdoor blacksmith shop at a restored homestead log cabin on the Roberti Ranch. Visitors will hear the history of the cabin and see a demonstration of blacksmithing using the same techniques and methods of the original 1860 homesteaders.


Doug Read

Doug Read creates hand-carved log benches, picnic tables, and whimsical decorative items from Jeffrey pine wood harvested locally. His hand-hewn wooden arrows and tomahawks invoke the nostalgia of early 20th century B western films.

Gabriela O’Neil

Gabriela O’Neil of Tahoe Glass by Gabi, fuses beautiful glass into functional art and decorative pieces. All of her art is handmade. Gabi has been fusing glass for 6 years. She uses several kilns to make glass art that is functional as well as decorative. Tahoe Glass by Gabi sells Lake Tahoe bowls, Lake Tahoe Plates and recycled bottle cheese trays are sold in Truckee at Gratitudes and her Tahoe themed work in Tahoe City at Trunk Show.



George Halvorsen

 Hand-Crafted Wood Products by George Halvorsen makes quality hand-crafted wood products in Graeagle, including furniture, cutting boards, lazy Susans, serving trays, fly fishing nets, fly rod tubes, fly boxes, and garden markers. Some pieces are adorned with hand-crafted pyrography images of wildlife, flowers and birds by Judith Baughman.

Gloria Gipson

 Gloria and Ray Gipson of Earth ’n’ Light from Portola have been making jewelry from beautiful gemstones for many decades. They specialize in Kumihimo beaded braiding - hand-beaded chains made into pendants and bracelets.

Jesse Greenwood

 Jesse Greenwood creates detailed, magic realist paintings on wood and canvas. Ethereal landscape/still-life hybrids, they are noted for their captivating balance of worn, textured surfaces and fine figuration. Often working from found photographs and old images, he utilizes a broad range of subjects and styles, exploring the concept of man's integration with his surroundings through the phenomena of a sort of "implausible memory." Jesse's work is influenced by the Northern California landscape and life, as well as his fascination with exotic flora and fauna and faraway places.


Joanne Corso

Joanne Corso's evocative coastal and mountain-themed paintings embody a philosophy of creating the least possible distance between the moment and its expression. Her thematic material covers many subjects but mostly she is known for evocative landscapes painted plain air on the evocative coastal and mountain-themed paintings


Judy Dailey

Judy Dailey of J Dailey Design creates sterling, copper, fine silver, brass and gold-filled wire-wrapped jewelry that incorporates semi-precious stones, crystals and beads. Judy’s passion is to create beautiful, wearable art by intertwining solid metal wire with natural stones, quality crystal and beads.  Egyptians and Phoenicians practiced the art of wire wrapping over 5,000 years ago. It is the only known metal jewelry to have been made without soldering or casting. The art was lost for some time in history but has again gained in popularity over the last 30 years.



Kacie Marin

Kacie Marin’s images capture the beauty of daily ranch life in Sierra Valley. Panoramic landscapes, bucolic mountain meadows and weathered leather of working chaps and saddles all portray the unique perspective of a Cowgirl with a Canon EOS in her saddlebag.

Kathleen Goicoechea

Kathleen Goicoechea paints using most media – oil, acrylic, watercolor, masa, paper and oil pastels. She paints many images of Sierra Valley, as well as wildlife, livestock and pets.

Katie Tanner

Katie Tanner of Oddglass produces a quixotic assortment of locally made fused glass pieces.  She particularly enjoys recycling non-art glass, such as window and stained glass, into fused creations.  She also likes to experiment with colors, molds and mold-making.

Laurie Munroe / Sage Eggs & Ham

Sage Eggs & Ham raises heritage breed hogs on pasture in the Sierra Valley.  Meat is sold locally to provide a healthy alternative to commercial pork and to raise awareness of these fabulous, and in some cases endangered, breeds. Laurie Munroe of Sage Eggs & Ham is happy to share information about the hogs the ranch raises naturally, without the use of antibiotics, hormones or high-protein foods. The ranch freely shares breed information and what it takes to raise them year-round in our climate.


Lucia Biunno

Lucia Biunno of Dog Walk Crochet creates crocheted hats and scarves, using a variety of specialty yarns. Lucia’s springer spaniel, Ruby, always wanted to walk, while Lucia always wanted to crochet. One day, Lucia put yarn in her bag and crocheted while she walked Ruby around town. Today, most of Lucia’s work is crocheted in the early morning while walking Ruby.

Marjorie Voorhees

Marjorie Voorhees of Country Class Collectables has been designing, building and repairing stained glass for 25 years. Her original pieces begin with a design or image known as a "cartoon." She then selects glass colors and patterns to make the piece come alive or to look realistic. She cuts each piece of glass to fit the pattern, much like a puzzle. Marjorie uses the copper foil method, where each piece of lgass is wrapped with copper foil and then soldered to complete the piece.  She also uses a lead-soldered method, most often for large projects, which are soldered at points and also may have supports incorporated to add strength.

Micah Silver

Micah Silver, of Lost Sierra Wildlife, takes stunning photographs of wildlife, and especially birds, while hiking and exploring the northern Sierra Nevada, known as the Lost Sierra. He posts many of his photographs on Instagram @ LostSierraWildlife.

Michelle Haselton

 Michelle Haselton of Lakes Basin Creations is a teaching artist specializing in pine needle basketry and loom weaving. Her materials are sourced locally near her home,  where they are collected and inspired by the journey among the surrounding mountains, valleys and people. Michelle’s teaching and art are done with the intention of building community through education and creative craft, while creating a deeper connection with the Earth.

Paul Herman

Paul Herman of Great Basin Pottery has been creating functional wood-fired pottery for the kitchen and house – dinnerware, mugs, teapots, vases, fermenting crocks and more – since 1983. The Pottery has a twice-yearly work and firing schedule, with the display and sales area open year-round.


Plumas Audubon Society

Plumas Audubon Society hosts informative programs and events, sponsors field trips to the best birding spots around the county, coordinates Christmas Bird Counts, conducts field research and much more in order to promote understanding, appreciation, and protection of the region’s biodiversity.


Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen's Association

Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen's Association works to preserve the area's rich ranching heritage. For over a half a century, the local Cattlemen’s Association has been devoted to keeping cattlemen abreast of important issues that affect the cattle industry.  There are many ranching families in Plumas and Sierra counties that have been raising livestock and practicing good stewardship of the land for generations.  Whether from long-time ranching families or new to the industry, cattlemen feel a great responsibility to take care of their livestock, the land and the communities in which they live.

Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen's Association

Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen's is a group of women dedicated to the preservation of ranching, beef promotion, and agricultural education. Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen's organization was formed in 1966 by a group of rancher's wives to become more involved in the cattle industry. The group is known for its cattle brand dinner napkins, "Brands of the West" book and its annual brand quilt, hand-made with embroidered local registered brands from Plumas and Sierra counties, which funds scholarships for local students.


Rand Nash

Sierra Valley Boatworks makes hand-built cedar strip kayaks, canoes and rowing boats. This building method produces beautiful, seaworthy, lightweight art that can be paddled.

Sierra Valley Boatworks’ wood is locally sourced and repurposed when available. The canoe that will be on display was built from cedar boards salvaged from old buildings on the Sierra Nevada College campus at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe.

Rob Robson

Rob Robson paints oil on canvas

Sally Yost

 Taylorsville-based artist, Sally Yost, paints nature scenes - often plein air - with gouache, oils and pastels - frequently featuring images from the local region.  Sally is happiest drawing or painting in nature … in the field, by the roadside, in a canoe, or in the back country. Her approach is quick, on-site, “alla prima,” often done in one painting session.



Scott Perry

Scott Perry of Country Class Collectables creates  his art pieces through pyrography (wood burning) and rusted metal, working out of a cabin at the headwaters of the Feather River. His work features Native American, nature, historical and geological motifs with a post-modern theme of times before technology. It deconstructs the ability of tech to represent reality.

Sierra Valley Yaks

Sierra Valley Yaks raises domesticated yaks based out of their home ranch in Calpine. The ranch is committed to producing a high quality grass-fed product in a sustainable and responsible manner. Yaks are versatile and multi-purpose animals and are perfectly adapted for high-altitude living.


Susan Wilson

 Weavings by Susan Wilson are inspired by nature and are often functional, sometimes abstract. She uses rich and varied colors, many times setting up the mathematical calculations and then intuitively weaving the piece. Susan’s love of Nature, rooted in a deep spiritual connection, leads her to express what she sees internally and externally in the tactile medium of fiber with weavings that use rich colors in a free-flowing manner.

High Sierra Coffee Roastery

Chilcoot, CA-based High Sierra Coffee Roastery sells local, fresh-roasted coffee for home or business.


Contact: B. J. Jordan at 530-289-9822  | email info@sierracountyartscouncil.org